The Vanishing, A Beginning Of An End

After a long break away from Urban Exploration I am finally back. A new Beginning, a fresh start as they say, who is they? I do not know but anyway it feels good to come back to the game. The last two years have been turbulent with college and work, but thankfully college is over and work is going smoothly that I can now focus on my hobbies.

The Vanishing, A Beginning Of An End By UrbexJunkieI have explored a few places here and there over the last year but have not done much. I do want to revisit some old places as I had lost my images due to a hard disk crash a while back. A lot of places I had been to in the past have now been demolished sadly, so I will have to make do with the ones that are still around.

The Vanishing, A Beginning Of An End By UrbexJunkie

I am thinking I may try my hand at some draining and some crane climbing, but who knows what may happen. I plan to write about my experiences and thoughts on Urbex in Ireland in future posts and to discuss the latest exposures to the Urbex scene on various media.

Certain places has become completely locked down because of photographers getting their work published on websites and newspapers and thus drawing attention to these places and ruining the fun for everyone. I will hold off on the rant about that one and will mention no names.

So for now I will leave it at that.